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Goodreads Review: The Castle in the Forest

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The following short and sweet review comes from my account over at If you’re a goodreads user, feel free to check in on my reading list and tell me what you think.

The Castle in the Forest: A Novel The Castle in the Forest: A Novel by Norman Mailer


My review

]( rating: 4 of 5 stars This book it tough to swallow as it humanizes one of the most vile people in history, Adolf Hitler. However, once I allowed myself to get into the book, I saw the genius behind Mailer’s work. If we humanize a man by seeing him through the eyes of a devil, what does that say about us? Layers and questions fill this book, making it more of a stimulating read than an informational one. Also, Mailer’s prose is incredible here. He is like a chameleon, entering an older dialect for an older tale. I knew he was great, just didn’t realize he was so diverse. A master of letters! (exclamation points add to the book’s charm. check it out.

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