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Matt Zoller Seitz Forgot His Charger

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Matt Zoller Seitz forgot his laptop charger so he wrote two movie reviews in pen.

Here’s the thing, though: I found that because I was writing with a pen, I spent less time revising I went and instead spent that time thinking about what I wanted to say, because as you all know, if you write continuously for too long, your hand starts to cramp. And I probably spent more time writing, or thinking about what I wanted to write, because I was disconnected from the Internet and could not check Facebook or Twitter or my various email accounts, or my blog, or anything else online.

Powering down may not be for everyone, but sometimes trying a different workflow can open your eyes up to how your mind actually works. It’s not quite the same as writing in pen, but this is how I feel about switching from Wordpress to Octopress.

I’m writing more because a layer of the process, managing the backend of the site, has been removed or pared down to its simplest form. I used to compulsively login to my Wordpress install anytime I was in front of a web browser. Now I just wander around the web until the urge to write hits me, and I do so in a text editor that only allows me to write.

But I don’t think I’ll be able to write whole posts in pen and transcribe them. Hopefully Matt will update us on how writing by hand is going after he tries it for a few more reviews.