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James Cameron Going Even Deeper

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James Cameron really likes the ocean depths:

This month, Mr. Cameron plans to plunge nearly seven miles to the planet’s most inaccessible spot: the Challenger Deep in the western Pacific, an alien world thought to swarm with bizarre eels and worms, fish and crustaceans. He wants to spend six hours among them, filming the creatures and sucking up samples with a slurp gun.

“It’s a blast,” Mr. Cameron said in an interview during sea trials of his new craft. “There’s nothing more fun than getting bolted into this and seeing things that human beings have never seen before. Forget about red carpets and all that glitzy stuff.”

While I doubt Cameron will ever be known more for his offscreen explorations than his films, I do like how far his passion for this stuff pushes him. Can't wait to see the footage he brings back.