welcome to the candler blog

· Joanthan Poritsky

My great grandfather was an egg candler in Philadelphia. The job was relatively simple. Hold an egg up to the light and determine its health. Some eggs would be healthy enough to incubate and hatch while others would end up in omelets and vaudeville acts. There was more to it, of course. Candlers like my great grandfather had to have a finely tuned eye to make an informed decision thousands of times a day.

We here at the candler blog try to apply the same methodology and care to popular culture. We will do our best to hold anything that comes across our radar up to a candle, so to speak. Looking at something on the surface is rarely enough to determine its place in the world; instead we will try to dissect it, see through it, understand it.

At least, this is the hope for the candler blog. For now, we will stick to what we know: movies. Movie reviews, cinema essays, personal rants and the like will be our bread and butter for the time being. We encourage your input and want to make this an open space for all aspiring candlers out there.

We’ll let you know more about who we are and what our goals are in the weeks to come, but for now, enjoy reading what we have. See you soon.