Twitter Tomfoolery Regarding Food and Film

· Joanthan Poritsky

So some joker created a hashtag today that jumped to the top of twitter trends and caught my attention: #filmfoodeating. The game seems to just be to incorporate food into movie titles. Well, of course I latched on and haven’t let go. Here is a compendium of my contributions. And please, do a search over at twitter to get in on the fun.

  • Twitter Logo@repressd Whoops! Good job! Too many to read, great minds think alike.. Chew on this: Bedtime for Garbonzo #filmfoodeating NOW I’M DONE!
  • My final #filmfoodeating Spider-Flan, Grouperman, Cat on a Pot Pie Roof, Beauty and the Feast, Cracker, Gumbo, Free Chili, Meat Streets
  • Oklahomefries! #filmfoodeating that one’s for you @deadcenter
  • Canard Boiled #filmfoodeating addendum to John Woo Edition
  • Lard Target, A Feta Tomorrow, Face Froth #filmfoodeating John Woo Edition
  • Purple Chrain #filmfoodeating @kashrutnews @Jewishtweets I know you’ll get this.
  • Spinal Frappe, Henry Portrait of a Cereal Killer, Boureka (baraka), Black Nar-tzimis, Gentlemen’s A-quiche-ment #filmfoodeating
  • Passion of the Slice, Greatest Story Jello Mold #filmfoodeating Jesus Edition
  • Fiddler on the Stew, The Cholent (the chosen), Lentil #filmfoodeating Jewish Edition
  • Husbands and Chives, Shadows and Nog, Brine and Misdemeanors, Bananas :) #filmfoodeating Woody Allen Edition
  • Wages of Pear, Á Bout de Soufflé, Elevator to the Shallots, The Seventh Veal #filmfoodeating @CRITERION Edition
  • Last Bite at McCool’s, Lawrence of Arrabiata, Cakes on a Plane, The Graviator, Meringues of New York, I Am Ham #filmfoodeating
  • While You Were Eating, Juarassic Tarte #filmfoodeating contributed by my twitterless girlfriend
  • Leaving Lox Vegas #filmfoodeating this one is sort of a repeat, but I couldn’t resist.
  • Guacstoppers, Blue Chips :), Leaving Manchego, Vicky Tortilla Barcelona #filmfoodeating
  • You’ve Got Kale #filmfoodeating
  • Detroit Guac City #filmfoodeating that ones for you @NachosNY
  • Bakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo #filmfoodeating
  • Gourd of the Rings #filmfoodeating
  • I don’t know why this is trending, but I love it #filmfoodeating Schindler’s Grits