deadCENTER Liveblog, June 11

· Joanthan Poritsky

6:07:58 PM: Triangle of Death Screening. Shhhhhh. Thoughts after.

7:40:38 PM: Finished Tringle of Death, war doc for the XBOX set. Lots of interviews, fascinating soldier footage. Too many topics covered.

7:52:23 PM: While you’re here, read my #deadcenter dispatch about getting here last night.

8:39:49 PM: Next up is the film Pearl. I just heard that the film is sold out. Local narrative feature, people here are pretty jazzed about it.

8:42:27 PM: Pearl is the story of Pearl Scott Carter, youngest US Aviator in history. My friend just nabbed one of the last tix.

8:55:44 PM: Packed house, sitting right up in the second row. Not too close….just right. Nice screening space. Roll film please!

8:57:03 PM: I should give a shout out to Ecstasy of Gold, which I’m missing to see Pearl. Hope to check that one at a later date.

9:09:50 PM: Okay, Pearl is starting, radio silence for a bit.

11:12:00 PM: Standing ovation for Pearl.

11:43:58 PM: Great period piece on video. Built a great set of wonderment. Huge success in front of this crowd.

12:05:38 AM: Movie over, party time now. Signing off until tomorrow. Check @poritsky on Twitter if you need me.