deadCENTER Dispatches from OKC: Day 2

· Joanthan Poritsky

There are so many films showing here at deadCENTER that it is impossible for me to see everything that I want to. Yesterday I was only able to check out two features and no shorts. If only the festival could be two weeks long so I could see it all.

Anyway, most of yesterday was spent in friend’s car, searching for Route 66, which we didn’t find. I still got a scenic tour of Oklahoma, so it wasn’t a total loss. When we cot back to the city, I went to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. This is a beautiful memorial for this terrible act that happened on our soil. Given that I am here to observe cinema, it is fascinating to see a horror like this bombing being dealt with through art. The memorial is a peaceful place. Very fitting. Pictures below.

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But this isn’t a sightseeing tour, it’s film festival coverage. You can check out my reviews on the films I saw yesterday, [Triangle of Death]( death/) and [Pearl]( pearl/), elsewhere on the site. Afterwards I headed over to a swanky party, much swankier than the party on Wednesday night. How swanky? A friend of mine ordered a glass of water and it came in an 18 inch tall fluted glass. Classy? Hells yeah it’s classy. Unfortunately, my beer only came in a 12 ounce bottle. Bummer.

Today is going to be a busy slate. Official Rejection screening and panel is at 2:00pm, then Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo followed by Weather Girl. I’m hoping to bounce in and out of shorts programs in between, and my late night screening plans are still up in the air. Live blog will start soon, keep checking back for the latest and greatest from the center of the earth. Pictures from the Pearl premiere and requisite party below.

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