deadCENTER Liveblog, June 12, Evening

· Joanthan Poritsky

8:53:43 PM: Started a new live post to try to keep the live action fresh. I’m waiting dr Weather Girl screening to start up.

8:54:27 PM: I completely forgot to eat. No time to shove a sandwich down my throat before screening. I really need to learn from this tomorrow.

9:04:24 PM: Weather Girl is about to start. Nice sized crowd, they’re pretty jazzed. I’ve managed to stay in the exact same venue all day.

9:04:51 PM: Gotta love this commercial AGAIN. I dot even know what this does

9:05:32 PM: Good to see I’m not the only only iphone addict while these commercials are up.

10:43:12 PM: Weather Girl lights up. Blayne talking onstage.

11:17:14 PM: Alright. Finally time for food. Signing off. Check back tomorrow for reviews of today’s viewings. Goodnight candlerers.