deadCENTER Liveblog, June 12

· Joanthan Poritsky

2:35:52 PM: Official Rejection starts in less than 30 minutes. I forgot to eat so I’m grabbing a sandwich at Subway. Local flavor will have to wait.
2:39:58 PM: People here are super nice, by the way. They keep calling me a journalist. Maybe I should pop my press pass in a fedora so I fit the bill.
3:06:47 PM: Official Rejection is starting up. ad now. This thing is totally going to get stuck in my head. More Cox!!!
3:07:55 PM: I’ll get you some coverage after the movie. I output this Stella Artois commercial to tape at my day job. Neato. Crowd loves it every time.
4:59:28 PM: Lights up on Official Rejection, huge crowd pleaser. Big laughs ad big cheers.
6:04:12 PM: Filmmakers in the crowd were very appreciative of the panel, I think some people with a lot of potential are rethinking their film plans.
6:04:54 PM: On to Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo. Packed day, can’t see nearly as many films as I want to.
6:21:00 PM: Let’s see if I can’t upload some pics without breaking the liveblog feed. Standby.
6:27:27 PM: Well liveblog, did I break you?
[nggallery id=3] 6:30:20 PM: Feast your eyes on those sweet live pics. BOOYA!! Them ain’t from no iPhone.

6:34:03 PM: Alright, settling in for Sweethearts now that I’m done scrambling to get those pics up. Nice crowd here. 2nd screening in OKC, 1st indoors
6:34:53 PM: In other news, director Blayne Weaver “heard” I would be at Weather Girl tonight. Which one of you told on me?!
6:35:46 PM: The official rejection panel was surprisingly unbitchy. Very informational.
6:37:08 PM: SotPR is up now. Radio Silence.!!! Cox!!!! Stella Artois! Yay sponsors. Just stop making the same more cox jokes, kids.
6:38:18 PM: Eep, not sure I’ll be able to make the panel after this film. We’ll have to wait and see. I’ll be back in 2 hours with some gut reaction.
8:11:32 PM: Sweethearts just ended. Wow is all I have to say.
8:19:09 PM: Phenomenal Q&A happening with some of the attorneys of the inmates featured in Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo. Also DP and producer.
8:20:17 PM: Speaking with these attorneys make this so much more than a movie. People here are really behind this film; want the prisoners out.
8:21:34 PM: DP talking about losing a shoe during the rodeo. Wasn’t sure if he should run from bulls or inmates.
8:22:18 PM: Applause about bringing attention to the drug problem in OK. Most of the inmates are in for Meth.
8:23:05 PM: Attorney is now saying longer sentences dot help. Women have worse programs behind the walls.
8:23:20 PM: Guy asked did you get hit on? Really guy?
8:25:03 PM: Not enough treatment for women in the state of Oklahoma. Prison Dr. says more prevention is needed.
8:25:57 PM: Tues. showed the film to the women at the prison. Lots of tears. 500 women.
8:26:55 PM: Question: Is there a better way for three women to feel free than gladiator like events. Brutal. Strange. But the women love it. Empowering.
8:27:20 PM: Paradox; it’s wrong but the women love it.
8:28:06 PM: Women are doing great after prison. Foxie should be out anytime. Most in the film are now out.
8:28:56 PM: 23% of women in prison had a parent incarcerated.
8:29:37 PM: End of Q&A. Crowd is very impressed. A lot of chatter. Time to get ready for Weather Gorl, my first narrative of the day.
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