deadCENTER Review: Triangle of Death

· Joanthan Poritsky

What can I say about Triangle of Death by Folleh Tamba that won’t just come out mean and disaffected? It is a misguided documentary with no clear vision behind where it takes the viewer, which is unfortunate because there is an incredible amount of interesting material to work with here. Namely, the film features on-the-ground footage in Iraq, which is fascinating to watch. Unfortunately, it is all thrown into a mish mosh of interviews from a predetermined list of lame questions.

Mr. Tamba is a marine who shot the film alongside the other members of the Echo Company 3rd platoon of the 2nd battalion 24th Marines. His efforts are admirable , and as I said, the footage he got over there is amazing. Unfortunately, the film follows no clear narrative; no character relationships are built between the audience and the men being interviewed. Triangle of Death has one very specific goal, which is to glorify the work of the USMC.

Mr. Tamba, if you are out there listening, you have access to the most interesting story in America right now, so please give us something more interesting to watch. Make us really think, don’t just tell us what you think. The film is littered with facts when all we needed was a single emotional investment in any one of the Marines featured in the film. Also, you pull the film in so many directions (anti-journalism, anti-anti-war, soldier stories, gory non-sequiturs, etc.) that we are never given the time to focus on one interesting facet of the abstraction that is war. It’s a shame, again, because there is so much to work with.