deadCENTER Dispatches from OKC: Day 3

· Joanthan Poritsky

Yesterday was a bit of whirlwind, even though I spent most of the day on my ass in the same theater. It just so happened that all the films I wanted to see were at the same venue. Really, I mean it, I’m not just lazy. It started out with a little filmmaker coffee time over at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. It is nice when everyone comes together for a bit of starbucks and biscuits in the morning. Makers, fans, critics and friends all hung out, some tooling around on MacBook Airs that are provided in the lounge. I, course, just slapped my giant 17" MBP next to those lithe little machines and went to town.

By days end I managed to see 3 features: [Official Rejection]( rejection/), [Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo]( the-prison-rodeo/), and [Weather Girl]( /deadcenter-review-weather-girl/). All attracted nice sized crowds and were recieved quite positively by the festival audience. As I settled into the 8:00 screening of Weather Girl, I finally realized that I hadn’t eaten all day. More than anything, I feared my critical rendencies being affected by the hunger pangs that would taunt me throughout. As you could guess, I was fine and ended up going to an Italian joint named Flip’s on the way back to the house.

Let me tell you about Flip’s. The food was okay, and the Oklahoma Belgian- style beer I had was delicious, but the real charm was the music. I swear, for the entire time I was there, they must have been playing the theme song from King of the Hill on loop. It was just plain awesome. Filmmaker coffee this morning was pretty nice. I got to talk to some filmmakers about the reviews I’ve given them, but more on that later. Right now I’ve got to head to another feature doc, Our Spirits Don’t Speak English: Indian Boarding School. I’m not sure what I’ll be seeing after that, but check back soon for the liveblog where I’ll keep you up to date.

Here is a picture of how intense filmmaker coffee can get in the morning. And yes, I did choose a pic that made everyone look bad on purpose.

[caption id=“attachment_1022” align=“alignnone” width=“614” caption=“Scott Storm, Aaron Hillis and Paul Osborne talking about stuff.”]![Scott Storm, Aaron Hillis and Paul Osborne talking about stuff.]( /wp-content/uploads/2009/06/dsc_3210.jpg)[/caption]