Candlercast #2: Talking Sci-Fi with Director Brian Lonano

· Joanthan Poritsky

![Still from Attackazoids Deploy!!]( content/uploads/2009/09/deploy-still.jpg)Filmmaker Brian Lonan has a lot to say about Science Fiction movies, which is a good thing because his new film, Attackazoids, Deploy!!, is full of killer robots in the future. He joins the candler blog this week for a chat about all things movies. On Satruday, Deploy! will be making its world premiere at the Coney Island Film Festival and he has a booked docket from there on out. It will be a busy few months for Mr. Lonano, so it’s a good thing we nabbed him when we could.

Tune in and you will also a conversation about the persistence of aging filmmakers, a gaff involving two Reiners, Werner Herzog’s film school, and where to find the best pizza in New York City. This week’s candlercast is one not to be missed. Stream, download, or subscribe below.

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