Candlercast #3: Andy Bichlbaum Fixes the Show

· Joanthan Poritsky

![The Yes Men]( content/uploads/2009/10/yesmencalgary.jpg)You may have heard of The Yes Men, two unassuming fellows who infiltrate business conferences and present outrageous concepts to captains of industry. Their hope is that people will see that Big Business has simply spun out of control, and hopefully bring enough attention to those who can effectively make a change: the people. Andy Bichlbaum is half of this rag-tag crew whose new film, The Yes Men Fix the World, chronicles some of their most daring exploits (they call them “actions”). While Andy may seem like a merry prankster, he and partner Mike Bonnano take themselves very seriously, as evidenced in this interview. They want you to laugh, but they also want you to take action. We chatted about his film, his beliefs, and “The Wave” (no, not that [Wave]( filmmakers-a-concept/)). Listen in and leave the comments below.

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