Cronenweth Comes to Fincher's Aid

· Joanthan Poritsky

“It would be tough for anybody to walk into a Fincher movie,” Cronenweth said.

Interesting article by Peter Caranicas in Variety (headline links to Readability around paywall, for original click here) about Fincher reaching out to Jeff Cronenweth to replace his cinematographer for the second time in a decade. If you follow Fincher’s work, there are a lot of interesting bits here, like this one:

“It was pretty brutal to go into it that way,” [Cronenweth] said, and initially he was “a bit nervous” about how the digital cinematography would handle the snow, overcast skies, white fields and dark trees of Sweden’s wintry landscapes.

The concerns were unfounded. Shooting is now taking place with Red Epic cameras and “everything has been fine,” per Cronenweth. “If I had the opportunity I’d shoot film, but David hasn’t used film since ‘Panic Room’ and he’s never going back.”