A Level Head Amidst Royal Wedding Blitz

· Joanthan Poritsky

While the timing was happenstance, all this breathless wedding coverage created an uncomfortable juxtaposition for the U.S. networks that’s difficult to ignore: Primary anchors covering a story on another continent that has zero impact on the lives of most Americans, even as a series of devastating tornados ripped through the South.

For the most part I have found all of the Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding coverage stateside to be a complete waste of space, whether on the side of gushy puffery or cynical repudiation. However, Brian Lowry over at Variety1 has brilliantly written a piece on the media coverage here in the U.S. and pulls no punches. He also manages to sidestep the whining that has been unavoidable on Twitter and Facebook today. The media blitz isn’t just annoying, it’s inexcusable.

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