Cable Companies Didn't Know?

· Joanthan Poritsky

David Lieberman for Deadline:

Wall Street analysts warned cable operators on Tuesday that they’d better fix their clunky user interfaces and lousy consumer service if they want to avoid a showdown with Internet and technology powers such as Google and Apple.

Wall Street analysts tend to make shit up, especially when it comes to [Apple]( bloggers-called-it-the-street-blew-it/). Still, cable companies have had their head in the sand for too long, so if it takes being scared silly by analysts, so be it.Times have changed but my Time Warner Cable menus haven’t. I mean since I clicked the exit button ten minutes ago… Here’s my other favorite excerpt:

[Citigroup Investment Research’s Jason Bazinet] raised one possibility that has grabbed many people’s imaginations recently – that Apple might design a TV set that would work with programming from a pay TV rival such as DirecTV. “That plays to Apple’s strength, which is not your strength, which is the operating system,” Bazinet said, calling cable’s user experience “a Rube Goldberg contraption.”

Amazing someone has to warn them about what seems so obvious.