How Stu Maschwitz Storyboards on his iPad

· Joanthan Poritsky

In the early days of the iPad, one of the first apps I bought was Penultimate by Cocoa Box Design. Penultimate was designed to be your digital Moleskine notebook, a simple and elegant blank page on which to doodle, sketch, or write. Whether it was the elegance of the app or the fluidity of the pseudo-pressure-sensitive drawing, Penultimate earned a permanent place on the front screen of my iPad.

I approached the developer, Ben Zotto, about my desire to use Penultimate for storyboarding. The app then offered a selection of three paper styles; plain, lined, and graph. Rather than myopically suggesting he add storyboarding templates, a rather niche use case, I suggested that it might be of general interest to his users to allow custom papers. I must not have been the only one thinking this, because just this May, Ben released Penultimate 3.0 with exactly that feature. He even used a film storyboard as his example.

This link is a whopping two days old, but it’s worth the read if you haven’t seen it yet. Stu’s attention to detail and his custom Penulimate storyboard sheets are simply phenomenal. If you have an iPad it’s a must read. If you’re a filmmaker wavering on getting one, be careful; you’ll want one.