Good Predictions for Apple's Response to FCP X

· Joanthan Poritsky

Smart analysis from Winston Hearn:

…it is crazy to me that everyone thinks because nothing has come out of Apple in 48 hours, nothing will come out of them, or that they do not care about professionals. If that were the case, we would not have seen FCPX.

Winston hits Apple’s modus operandi on the head. When they respond to consumers, it will be decisive, but they are not going to put a knee-jerk band-aid on the FCP X release.

Still, I think Winston’s implication that releasing FCP X means that Apple cares about professionals points to the reason for the backlash. Most pros are worried that they aren’t the target market for FCP X. I’m starting to agree with them.

(via [Daring Fireball]( fcpx))