Josh Mellicker Offers the Best Insight on FCP X Yet ⇒

· Joanthan Poritsky

Although FCPX was built from scratch, and not from the iMovie codebase, it’s clear that Randy [Ubillos]’s vision for a revolutionary new way to manage media (and find the right clip), as well as edit video footage, is at the very foundation of Final Cut Pro X.

So, the people calling Final Cut Pro X “iMovie Pro” are wrong…

Phenomenal read from’s Josh Mellicker. It’s long but every single paragraph is some of the most cogent writing on the subject of the new Final Cut available.

The biggest scoop in there is Ubillos’s “First Cut” software idea which later became iMovie ‘08:

So Randy starting writing an app: “First Cut”, a professional-level “feeder” app for Final Cut Pro. You would launch First Cut, import all your raw footage, then quickly skim through, keywording, organizing, marking as good or rejecting, and finally building a rough edit.

This actually sounds like an incredibly useful app, especially if this were to exist on the iPad. A lot to think about…