Good Thing Reed Hastings is on Their Board ⇒

· Joanthan Poritsky

Ken Auletta in this week’s New Yorker profile of Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook:

In the meantime, Facebook is quietly trying to integrate itself into every form of media. Chris Cox, the engineer who oversees Facebook’s product development, says of television, “You go home at night and there’s nine hundred and ninety-nine channels. . . . The real problem in that world is: What should I watch?” Perhaps you could read TV Guide, perhaps you could type “best Thursday sitcom” into Google, or perhaps you could scan some newspaper reviews. Cox wants you to be able to see on your screen what your Facebook friends are watching. “You should turn it on and it should say, ‘Fourteen of your friends liked “Entourage” this week. Click to watch.’ ” The idea is for Facebook to “tune in to everything around you,” he said. “We call it social design.”

Add this to a growing pile of evidence while you consider my previous article on What a Netflix & Facebook Alliance Means for Filmmakers.