Netflix Doesn't Care About Movie People ⇒

· Joanthan Poritsky

Stu Maschwitz on what Qwikster1 can do to keep his business:

  • Steal a great idea from GameFly (the very cool company whose lunch you’re reaching for) and let me buy the disk if I like it. Mail me the packaging and the next disk in my queue.
  • Use that last point as a negotiating point with the studios. You’ll immediately become a major sales outlet for the Blu-ray disks they love so much, so force them to make the disk experience great, instead of stripped-down and buried in skip- proof ads. Vow to only carry the full, feature-laden versions of movies when available, and market this as a huge content advantage over streaming services.

Smart guy.

  1. née Netflix, or [didn’t you hear]( /qwikster-cometh/)? ↩︎