MPAA Responds to Obama ⇒

I missed this one:

{% blockquote Michael O’Leary, Senior Executive Vice President for Global Policy and External Affairs MPAA Blog %} While we agree with the White House that protection against online piracy is vital, that protection must be meaningful to protect the people who have been and will continue to be victimized if legislation is not enacted. Meaningful legislation must include measured and reasonable remedies that include ad brokers, payment processors and search engines. They must be part of a solution that stops theft and protects American consumers.

We applaud the continued leadership in the House and Senate for working to enact common-sense legislation to stop foreign websites from stealing American creativity and jobs. Misinformation simply can’t be allowed to replace honest debate, and derail the critically important fight to protect American jobs. {% endblockquote %}

They didn’t leave a statement when Representative Lamar Smith and Senator Patrick Leahy backed off of DNS-blocking. I gather that’s the “measured and reasonable” remedy they’re bemoaning here.

Why applaud Congress but chide the administration? And who isn’t having an honest debate?

Also, the MPAA’s blog looks awful. No wonder they don’t care if the Internet just shuts down.