Why People Redbox the Movies They Do ⇒

{% blockquote Eric D. Snider http://www.film.com/movies/why-people-redbox-the-movies-they-do Film.com %} But I Am Number Four? The Green Hornet? Come on. Most people had the good sense to avoid these movies when they were in theaters. They didn’t get any better on DVD.

Or did they?

Well, no, not literally. But your expectations are dramatically different when you’re paying a dollar for the entire family to watch a DVD as opposed to $10 apiece at the theater. For most people, “one dollar” is approximately the same as “free.” There’s no investment, no risk. So yeah, everyone said Just Go with It wasn’t very funny. But it’s Adam Sandler, and you’ve laughed at a lot of his stuff in the past, so maybe this one will at least have its moments — and if it doesn’t, so what? It was only a buck. {% endblockquote %}

A lot of good points from Snider about what differentiates Redbox from Netflix. Maybe people just want crap that’s bad for their teeth. Good business model.