Killing Hollywood Will Require Learning Hollywood’s Game ⇒

In response to the piece by Paul Graham I linked earlier:

{% blockquote -Sarah Lacy PandoDaily %} For Hollywood to be killed, the Internet needs to focus on a metric other than eyeballs. It’s not about mass, it’s about good. That’s absolutely anti-YouTube and anti-Farmville and any other content which we expect to be rapid, mass and disposable. Disposable content isn’t bad, it’s just not everything. And as long as that’s all that the Valley is putting out, we won’t kill Hollywood. {% endblockquote %}

Yes and no.

Hollywood’s biggest assests are neither necessarily “good” nor the opposite of “disposable.” They’re engaging. For ninety minutes or more.

But I won’t argue against better content on YouTube. Lacy is damn right about that.