Fun in 20 Years ⇒

{% blockquote Y Combinator RFS 9: Kill Hollywood %} How do you kill the movie and TV industries? Or more precisely (since at this level, technological progress is probably predetermined) what is going to kill them? Mostly not what they like to believe is killing them, filesharing. What’s going to kill movies and TV is what’s already killing them: better ways to entertain people. So the best way to approach this problem is to ask yourself: what are people going to do for fun in 20 years instead of what they do now? {% endblockquote %}

“Y Combinator” provides funding for tech startups. Two things:

  1. If you have ideas in response to the above, I suggest you apply for their next round of funding.
  2. This kind of talk should reinforce the idea that the MPAA, especially under Chris Dodd, is shooting themselves in the foot. Technology is the future and “film” is the past; when the two collide, I’ll put my money on the future every time.

(via Daring Firaball.)