Robot and Frank Sounds Great ⇒

A ringing endorsement for a Sundance film that sounds like something I wish I could watch right now:

{% blockquote -Jordan Hoffman io9 %} Okay, so here’s the pitch: Frank Langella and a robot crack safes. You’d be forgiven for offering a great big “meh.” So please believe me when I say that Robot and Frank not only nails all the heartwarming family scenes expected of a Sundance dramedy, but also has great insight into the ethical implications of artificial intelligence and the fractured lucidity of memory. {% endblockquote %}

No trailers online yet, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for this one. Jordan (who deserves extra credit for using the phrase “Kuleshov Effect” in a review) went so far as to say it’ll be tough to beat out for his top 10 of 2012. See you in December.