The War Against 35mm ⇒

{% blockquote -Richard Jenkins Little White Lies %} The view from the gutter, that is from those tortured souls for whom an integral part of the cinema experience is watching a film screened from a print (and, perhaps more importantly, have no interest in Avatar), is that the industry invariably views serious cinephiles as cranks, dilettantes and dreamers with no real concept of the fiscal realities of contemporary distribution. Yet one puckish tweet cuts straight to the heart of the matter: “Hey guys, it’s cool, we’ve got paper. No more need for canvas.” {% endblockquote %}

It feels like other industries have done very well by “cranks, dilettantes and dreamers.” Music, publishing and gaming come to mind. That you can buy new albums on vinyl but won’t be able to see a 35mm print soon is beyond me.