Film Projectionist Takes to Reddit ⇒

Last night on Reddit, redditor Shiftia took to the site to open a conversation about the death of film projection:

{% blockquote %} IAMA movie theater projectionist. In a few weeks, my job will no longer exist.

In less than a month, all theaters are being forced to use purely digital projectors. Projection itself has become a dying art.

Feel free to ask me anything about projection, movies, or working at a theater in general! :) {% endblockquote %}

770 comments at the time I’m posting this and still growing. The top comment is by a digital projectionist who points out that there is still an art to operating new, digital projectors.

{% blockquote %} As someone who worked in a digital projection multiplex… your job isn’t going to be gone for long.

A multitude of things can go wrong with digital projectors… they’re computers! {% endblockquote %}

If you’re interested in the transition from film to digital, this conversation provides some great insight.