Avid for iPad ⇒

{% blockquote fcp.co http://www.fcp.co/hardware-and-software/consumer/720-avid-launch-avid-studio-for-the-ipad-iavid-anybody Avid launch Avid Studio for the iPad - iAvid anybody? %} Didn’t see this one coming and we will try to get as many details up as soon as we can. Yes Avid have made their editing software available for the iPad at $4.99 and professional FCP editors around the world are suffering from mass schadenfreude. The price will jump to $7.99 after 30 days. {% endblockquote %}

While I haven’t test-driven the app (yet), it appears to be a knock-off of Apple’s iMovie for iOS. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The screenshots and product descriptions make it seem like Avid is improving upon Apple’s lead, bringing more “precision” (their word, not mine) tools to the iPad.

Projects created within Avid Studio for iPad can be exported and shared with Avid Studio for the PC (yep, Windows only). I had never heard of Avid Studio until this morning (is it brand new?) so I can’t comment on it. After giving its product description a once-over though, it appears to directly compete with FCP X.

There was a lot of noise in the editing community when Apple killed Final Cut Pro 7. It was assumed that the “pros” would opt for Avid’s high-end tools and the cheapskates would go for Apple’s playthings.1 Looks like Avid wants the low-end market as well. The more these two companies compete, the more innovative products we’re going to see in this space.

  1. How many people still think FCP X is “iMovie Pro” because they read it on a blog last year? ↩︎