Write Better With Fountain ⇒

Stu Maschwitz has put together a great post on how Fountain can help you write smarter. He highlights the newest implementation of Sections and Synopses in Fountain for Makrked to help build a story. As always with Stu, it’s never just about the technology. His closing here about outlining a story is beautiful:

Of course, the answer in arch-building is to use a wooden frame, or a centring. You build the frame, and lay the stones over it. When you remove the frame, the stones remain in place. The shape of the frame defines the shape of the arch, but the frame itself is discarded, an now-useless artifact of the arch-building process. The arch, however, is more beautiful for the precision of the frame—and appears to hold itself together impossibly, an intoxicating combination of monumental might and graceful weightlessness.

This is a post worth revisiting often.