Metal Gear Solid Creator Wants to Make a Movie ⇒

Griffin McElroy reporting for The Verge from GameFest, where Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima spoke:

Though he’s made a name for himself in the gaming industry, Kojima explained that he hadn’t completely abandoned his dreams of being a film director.

“Honestly, I’m a big movie fan, it’s very special to me and, honestly, I would love to make a movie some day,” Kojima said. “But that said, I think it has to be a certain, special game that has to provide the right setting.

“But I don’t think that game will be Metal Gear Solid,” he added, “and the reason why is that Metal Gear Solid was developed specifically to become a game. It has a world and story that’s well suited and optimized for a game. In my mind, Metal Gear Solid is a game and nothing else. So, I think if I were to create something that would become a movie, I would have to come up with a new story, new characters, something that’s suited to the medium of movies.”

Apparently, the audience didn’t like that. I for one am glad to hear Kojima assert that gaming and film require different kinds of plots. Just because Metal Gear Solid is very “cinematic” doesn’t necessarily mean it would make a great film.