Shawn Blanc on Clicky Keyboards ⇒

Shawn Blanc just published the clicky keyboard blog post to end all clicky keyboard blog posts:

Mechanical keyboards like the Das are bulky, loud, and fantastic for typing. Compared to the slim Apple keyboards, the Das is different in every way except that the end result is still the same: words get onto the screen.

I’ve been interested in a Matias Tactile Pro 3 for years,1 but I’ve never had the guts to shell out for it. Shawn offers in-depth perspective on the three big Mac mechanical keyboards: the Tactile Pro, the Das Keyboard and the Apple Extended Keyboard II.2

I’m sure I will revisit and reread Shawn’s post many times before I finally break down and buy one of these keyboards. Frankly, if the Das wasn’t so needlessly ugly (unlike Shawn, I can’t get over the ridiculous typeface on the keys) I’d probably order one right now.

But I need to stop shopping and just write, right?

  1. I use Apple’s current model aluminum keyboards if you must know. I have a USB with numeric keypad one at home and a bluetooth one I use with my iPad. ↩︎

  2. He skipped the buckling spring SpaceSaver M. Too nerdy? ↩︎