Dante Basco Teases Rufio Movie ⇒

Dante Basco, who played Rufio in Steven Spielberg’s 1991 Peter Pan redux Hook, speaking with CraveOnline:

Rufio’s a great iconic character for a certain generation and definitely something I’m always associated with, proud to be associated with which is cool. Actually there’s a film in development, the Rufio film, where a hotshot group of kids from the East Coast graduated and they wrote this whole script, the prequel to Hook and it’s the Rufio story. We have it right now with a director, Rpin Suwannath who’s doing the new Zorro for Fox. He has the script and he’s attached to the film and I’m attached to produce so that’s actually in development right now which’ll be cool, a Rufio for a whole new generation.

This is a reboot I could get behind. The alternate Neverland put forth in that film was fantastic and a place that would be fun to return to. Yet, while Basco has an incredibly youthful appearance1, he is now 36; he was 16 in the original.

I’m most interested in the years after Pan’s departure, when Rufio rose to become the group’s skateboarding, swash-buckling id. I’m not sure Basco can still pull off 16, and since you don’t age in Neverland, if he were to play an adult Rufio that would mean…[gulp]…they would have to rehash the plot of the original and have Rufio leave and return a weary old dad.

So I should rephrase. Maybe this is a reboot I could get behind.

I read this completely wrong the first time around. Basco is attached to produce, not star, at least not yet. So perhaps I’ll hold my tongue until I know more…and read it through thoroughly.

  1. He played a high school student in the 2006 film, Take the Lead↩︎