Dr. Drang on the ForkLift Sale ⇒

{% blockquote -Dr. Drang http://www.leancrew.com/all-this/2012/05/cheap/ Cheap %} The cost of software isn’t just what you pay for it; it’s also the time you spend learning how to use it and how to incorporate it into your workflows. {% endblockquote %}

Such a good post. I saw that ForkLift was on sale for $0.99, a ridiculous 97%1 off its usual $29.99 price tag, and had the same thought process as Dr. Drang. It’s only a buck, but I already own Transmit which appears to be almost identical. Why bother?

Worse, if I wanted to make the switch, I’d rather give BinaryNights the full price for their efforts, not help devalue their app by snatching it while it’s insanely cheap. I write on the Internet; I need a good FTP app and I don’t mind supporting great software.

I’ll bet the goal from the ForkLift team was to stay relevant in the face of the blitz of press for Coda 2. In reality they’re probably making a pittance off of people who don’t really want their app.

  1. 96.7%, dweebs. ↩︎