J.K. Rowling's Pottermore Schools Publishing Industry ⇒

{% blockquote -Jeff John Roberts http://paidcontent.org/2012/05/23/harry-potters-publishing-wand-can-tame-amazon-pirates/ paidContent %} Redmayne also stated that Pottermore, which has been live for two months, has already received more than a billion pageviews.


Pottermore has also pulled off another seemingly magical feat by persuading Amazon to redirect all sales to its site. Redmayne said this is in part a reflection of publishers’ desire to associate themselves with strong brands. {% endblockquote %}

Oh, and the books come DRM free. Yes, the Harry Potter series is wildly popular, making it the exception to all rules. Still, this may be the direction things are headed, with authors exerting more control over their sales.

It makes you wonder why someone like Stephen King doesn’t sell his own digital books.