Introducing The Backlot, A New Podcast You Should Download Now ⇒

{% blockquote -Ryan Gallagher The Backlot, Episode 1 %} For the most part, film blogs, or film Web sites, are terrible. And are terrible in different ways. {% endblockquote %}

I am very happy to announce the first episode The Backlot, a new podcast I started with Ryan Gallagher of CriterionCast and fame. What’s it about? Much like the candler blog, it’s about film, technology and whatever else we feel like talking about.

Episode 1, “Sleazy Sharing,” just went live today. Give it a listen and subscribe to the RSS feed or in iTunes for new episodes.

The focus of this week’s episode is share buttons and the overall hideous design of so many film Web sites. I’ve been a fan of Ryan’s work for a while now and I couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with him on this project. Stay tuned, or downloaded or whatever; we’re just getting warmed up here.