Alternative Task Management for Creative People, Sort Of ⇒

Dave Lee, CEO and founder of GP Apps, on productivity systems:

Most task/to-do software is based around the concept of projects and tasks. It’s really too bad. The tendency is to fill up your task software with dozens of projects and tasks under each project. But the more you look at your projects and tasks every day for the next few weeks, it gets discouraging. It feels like a never-ending river of stress.

I feel this frustration all the time. I’ve been using OmniFocus for about 3 years, but I’m on and off with it. When I’m using it effectively, I actually do get more stuff done and have a clearer, more open mind. But most of the time I don’t even want to open it for fear of seeing that “river of stress” Dave brings up.

The system he does use sounds maddening to me, though. It’s a ten-step process of his own devising, and it’s the last suggestion that indicates it’s not for me:

{% blockquote %} 10. I keep a clean desk, clean desktop, and clean email inbox. This helps keep the clutter down and makes #1-9 work better. {% endblockquote %}

If I tried to keep that up, and I’ve tried, I’d never get anything done. But that’s why there is no one productivity system. Whatever works for you is the best one.

(via Simplicity is Bliss.)