How Apple’s Eyes Free Feature Will Work ⇒

Austin Lindberg reporting for Car and Driver:

It’s important to first point out that Siri is a software change, both for the car and the phone, and not one that affects hardware—existing voice-command buttons will be used to access the system through a Bluetooth connection. According to an engineer we spoke to, Apple’s software development includes a refinement in how Siri deals with high amounts of background noise—the in-car’s single mic can pick up road, wind, and engine noise that makes it difficult for Siri to comprehend commands.

I love the idea of a Siri-enabled car. Apple and app developers are much nimbler than car manufacturers. If all the carmakers have to do is change the way their bluetooth button actuates, it could open up the in-car software landscape completely.

The same article has Chevy and Mercedes boasting they can add the integration by year’s end if not early 2013. Their sources seem excited to get this working.