I’m Leaving New York

Brooklyn Sunset

I have exciting news to share. After almost six years here, I’m moving out of New York City. It has always been a dream of mine to live here, at least for a while. Five apartments and three boroughs later, I suppose I can check that off my list. Time for the next adventure.

So at the end of this month I’m moving to Austin, Texas, following the lead of my lovely and brilliant girlfriend, Kristyn Goldberg1, who will be getting her PhD at the University of Texas. Along with our dog, Krull, we’re heading southwest into the heat and eventual balm of a town I’ve gotten to know a bit while covering SXSW.

I could go on for pages and pages and pages about how I feel about this city and why I’m excited for this move, but for now I’ll spare you. All I can say is thank you, to my readers, my friends, my family and the people in the New York film, media and blogging communities who have welcomed me and let me play in this incredible town.

Now, on to Austin.

  1. She really needs to get on the Internet so I could have just linked to something there. Get a blog, already, will ya? ↩︎