The Quotable Kevin Smith


  • “Less years in front of me than behind.” -00:57
  • “There is no such thing as an abortion of cinema. Every fuckin’ movie counts.” -01:23
  • “The high, to the low, every movie is someone’s favorite fuckin’ movie.” -1:31
  • “The Unexamined life is not worth living. We’ve said that many times. Plato said that and I just re-said it.” -01:48
  • “You could either sit around and be entertained, or you could go out and try to be entertaining.” -02:01
  • “We live in the age of democratized media.” -03:02
  • “In that world, where that’s at your fingertips, where you could be a god, you can create characters and life and shape shit.” -03:28
  • “If you perceive deficit, fill that deficit yourself.” -04:06
  • “That’s adding a spoke to the wheel and creating conversation, creating art.” -04:10
  • “Put your dick on the table, play the game with the rest of us.” -04:51
  • “Deeds, not words.” -05:02
  • “That’s me voting with my wallet.” -05:43
  • “There’s not enough money going around to fucking hand out free samples of the work just to have somebody shit in your mouth later on.” -05:52
  • “Less years in front of me than behind.” -06:18
  • “You have a parasitic existence.” -06:35
  • “I can’t suffer fools gladly anymore.” -06:56
  • “I’m taking a shit, I wanna read happy things.” -08:17
  • “I don’t put out negativity, I don’t want negativity around me.” -08:57
  • “Life’s too short, bitch, let’s go make some art.” -09:07

Dr. Phil better watch his back.

Also, Scott Weinberg nailed it.