Spielberg Talks to Itzkoff ⇒

Yes, the lede on this one is that Raiders of the Lost Ark will open on IMAX screens for one week, but really this whole interview with Steven Spielberg is excellent. Dave Itzkoff at the New York Times extracted some excellent answers from the director. Here’s just one.

Q.: When you made “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” you were taking your inspiration from many filmmakers of decades past. Now that a few decades have elapsed since then, do you see yourself having a similar influence on directors today?

A.: I have a lot of contact with a lot of young filmmakers. I run a studio with Stacy Snider, and we meet so many first-time filmmakers, or filmmakers that haven’t even made their first film yet, so all these generations are constantly mixing together. It’s not like one generation replaces another. It’s one generation continuing to inspire another. I’m inspired by so many of the movies I’m looking at today that are made by first-time filmmakers. If I see any good movie, it makes whatever I’m doing currently a better movie. Just for its very existence, it will make my work better, if I’m inspired by somebody. I don’t look at this as a trickle-down effect. I look at this, sometimes, as how the creative community shares their art.

What a wonderful sentiment.