“Do You Want to be in the Movie Business?”

I’m looking for a job right now, so I’m constantly on Craigslist looking at new postings. This one is perhaps the most ridiculous I’ve come across yet, and that’s saying something.

…I’m looking for a few bright, capable individuals who have access to potential investors but just don’t have the experience or track record to get in the game as a qualified writer and/or film producer.

Uh huh. But what does it pay?

No, this is not a paid position up front where I hope you can do what you say, this is a commission based position where we work together and use my track record as a basis to attract a few qualified investors to get our next project (a family film comedy based on a true story) into development and production.

Commission based, eh? Sounds great.

And if you really can produce…you’d better start taking French lessons because our next stop may be the Cannes Film Festival in the south of France…

Pro-tip: this character is full of shit. Here’s the full ad, for posterity.

Do You Want to be in the Movie Business?