MPAA [Wrongly] Downplays Hollywood’s Role In Keeping Piracy Alive ⇒

The MPAA didn’t quite like the aforelinked piece on piracy by David Pogue. Ernesto over at TorrentFreak hashes things out:

Pogue notes that none of these titles are available for “rent”. The MPAA on its turn argues that many of the titles are available to “watch instantly online.” So who is right?

Looking at Amazon, one of the most prominent video streaming services, we see that none of the top 10 movies can be rented, backing up Pogue’s claim. In fact, more than half (6) of the titles cannot be watched online “instantly” at all in the U.S. The four titles that are available have to be bought.

The MPAA views video rental as a bell it wish it could unring. Not available to rent? Tough shit.