Record Audio With a Keyboard Shortcut ⇒

Peter Kirn found a cool Github project for recording Mac audio:

WavTap, from coder and GitHub user Patrick Ellis of Berlin, finally makes grabbing audio on the Mac work the way you’ve imagined it should work. Hit a keyboard shortcut – ctrl-cmd-space, though that default can be customized – and start recording. Hit it again, and stop.

It’s not the easiest solution for a layman to set up, but it could definitely come in handy. Ryan and I recorded another episode of The Backlot last night, and (off air) we talked a bit about how he has two recordings of the show running just in case something happens to one. A tool like WavTap1 could simplify that backup recording. Neat.

(via The Loop.)

  1. Which I haven’t tested, mind you. ↩︎