Kodak to Sell Off Consumer Film ⇒

Beth Jinks and David McLaughlin for Bloomberg Businessweek:

Bankrupt photography pioneer Eastman Kodak Co. said it will sell its consumer film, photo kiosks and commercial scanner businesses as it continues an extended effort to auction its digital-imaging patents.

Watching Kodak be slowly dismantled over the past few years has been heartbreaking. There is one small bit of good news for motion pictures, though:

The transactions would leave Kodak selling consumers only inkjet printers, and film only to commercial customers including the movie industry.

It won’t last long much longer, but at least they haven’t shut the doors on motion picture film yet.

(via The Verge.)1

  1. You can read Kodak’s press release here, but it’s full of corporatespeak that tries to underplay the severity of the company’s situation. (Which, ironically, makes things sound altogethor more ominous and doomed.) ↩︎