Ads Update and a Change

Almost exactly seven months ago, I announced the addition of ads to the candler blog. InfluAds has been an excellent partner. I have always been impressed with the simplicity of the ads they book. In most cases, they are from companies I either use, like or want to learn more about. Nothing about my relationship with InfluAds is being altered.

I do have another big change to announce, however. The candler blog will now feature weekly sponsorships. You may have seen similar setups on other sites,1 but let me explain how it’s going to work here:

  • At the beginning of the week, I will publish a sponsored post.2
  • Near the end of the week I will publish a sponsored link post, pointing to the sponsor’s URL.
  • Sponsored posts will always be labeled as such, as will any ad copy not written by me.
  • Sponsors are exclusive by week, running from Monday to Sunday.

I am still banging out some other details and working to find more sponsors. Soon, I’ll have a page dedicated to dealing with these sorts of sponsorships.

I run the candler blog alone, a fact I am very proud of. It is neither my intention to be an ad salesman nor to waste your time with superfluous content. As such, I will only be choosing sponsors whose presence I believe add some value for readers.

For now, this is a pilot program. I am excited and invigorated to move forward with sponsorships, but I am hyper-aware that the moment I become more focused on booking sponsors than creating original content, I have failed. As ever, I welcome your feedback on these changes now and in the weeks to come as this new chapter of the candler blog’s narrative takes shape.

But enough blogging about blogging. I’m sure there’s a film or tech story out there I need to go whine about.

  1. If not, check out Daring Fireball, The Loop or any of the sites in The Syndicate↩︎

  2. The first one went live this morning. ↩︎