New York Film Academy [Sponsor]

My thanks to the New York Film Academy, this week’s sponsor of the candler blog.

Filmmaking” is often thought to mean directing or producing, but in fact it is an all-encompassing word. The art, discipline and business of storytelling on film also includes writing, editing, collaborating, photography, building, logistics and technological faculty.

Filmmaking students at the New York Film Academy are immersed in the entire process from the first day of their education with the institution. They balance time between classroom instruction, workshops and directing – learning more than the technical “how” of filmmaking, but also delving into the “why” of movies and film.

Storytelling through film at NYFA is both a technical and artistic experience, but just as important it is about the soft, “people” skills required on any movie production. For example, writers must know how to work with other writers, to respond to directors and producers, to script for acting talent and understand what can be accomplished in post- production. That is the NYFA experience.