Kogonada Speaks (To Me) ⇒

The mysterious kogonada, who has been anonymously posting supercuts/video essays to Vimeo all year, most recently “Kubrick // One-Point Perspective,” was kind enough to talk with me for a piece over at The Creators Project:

How did you come upon this form?
I never really came upon it specifically. I think, like everyone, I’ve noticed that online videos have become increasingly more original and engaging. In the past, there’s never been a popular place for short pieces, outside of commercials and music videos. They existed in museums or film festivals, but now more than ever there’s an appetite and a place for shorts, whether they’re narratives, docs, essays, experimental pieces.

Read the whole thing. Kogonada has a unique perspective on cinema and the Internet, I could talk to him1 all day.

  1. We conversed over email. I honestly have no idea if Kogonada is a man or a woman, but I can only go so long without using a pronoun. ↩︎