New York Film Academy [Sponsor]

This week, the candler blog is brought to you by The New York Film Academy. My thanks to them for sponsoring and supporting the site.

Who makes the movie? Is it the lead actor or cast? The screenwriter? Some say it’s ultimately the editor, while for others it’s the producer. The question has no easy answer, as these roles often overlap and it varies from film to film.

But note that for many actors of accomplishment—think Robert Redford or Ron Howard—the path upwards leads to producing. Producers are the captains of the ship, even when the ship goes down (that’s a James Cameron joke).

At the New York Film Academy, the Producing Program is among the most popular at the film school. Students with more guts than experience undertake the demanding, hands-on program at the school’s New York and Los Angeles campuses. It’s a fast-paced, intensive, hands-on program that addresses the nature of selling investors through story treatments, scripting, casting, budgeting, schedules and marketing. As everyone knows, getting a distributor is everything in producing a film, and this school treats that task with proportionate attention.