TV Wants to be Open, Not ⇒

Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. must have smoked the good stuff before pooping this out for the Wall Street Journal:

Video-content owners, including everyone from the TV networks and Hollywood and the NFL and Major League Baseball, aren’t the music industry or even the book industry.

OMG I know…

Video-content owners aren’t looking for a savior and ultimately won’t be satisfied with anything less than an open ecosystem accessible by any device.

Jenkins is trying to make an otherwise fair point, that Apple has a tough road ahead in the TV realm, but instead he offers up this complete and utter lie about the television industry.

The inane fragmentation we see in TV is a boon to networks; it allows them to retain the status quo. Just look at the NFL, whose games can only be streamed to a PS3 and only if users also subscribe to DirecTV. Sounds open to me.

Dear busy businesspeople who read the Wall Street Journal: don’t listen to this clown.

(via The Loop.)